The Revolution that Never Happened. Steen Steensen.

Has the online revolution changed the outlook of journalism? Are online resources being utilised to their full potential? Steen Steensen thinks not and I can agree with him to some extent. Take a look at his blog: Online Journalism and the promises of new technology. Steen Steensen’s blog.

Steensen talks of three assets of online journalism, multimedia, interactivity and hypertext. All three of these assets are not available in print journalism. Steenson looked into depth on whether they were being utilised to their full potential and they were not. You ask yourself why? If you had these resources and developments set in front of you, why would you not use them? My answer is: we do not know how to use them. A lot of print journalists in the industry at the moment are being put under a lot of pressure to not only provide stories suitable for print but online as well. Two very different mediums and two very different audiences. They are also maybe not so clear on how to utilise the media resources before them because they have not been brought up with them. Journalists in training at the moment are alot more media savvy and are being taught the importance of media and how to write for online material. Something journalists in the industry at the moment have not been subjected to and there is our problem.

Companies and newsrooms are now employing specific social media savvy journalists to produce news only for online material. I feel this is a good idea because then we have the best of both worlds. Good quality print and online journalists and it also provides more jobs – bonus!

It is important to note that Steensen’s blog was posted in 2010. Although it has only been two years since the blog was posted, I feel a lot has developed since then. A good example of this is Twitter. Nearly every newsroom has a twitter account and they post an update of every news story they publish on there, which draws people into their websites.

It is interesting to read one of Steensen’s issues:

“New technology might not be the main driving force behind changes in journalism.”

I can agree with this. Steensen gives a great example in the development of television, radio and internet which were all supposed to cause the end of history in journalism, but they did not. I still use all three media platforms to find out news, and find them all just as useful. I feel this is the same for online journalism. It has not created an end of an era for print journalism, it has just created another media platform of presenting journalism. Just another form of producing news.

 Steen states the “Television did change journalism. But it didnt kill it, or fundamentally change the social function of journalism and the role of the journalist.”

I feel this will be the same for online journalism.

What are your thoughts?


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